About Us

About us

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The Mankayane Town’s vision is to be ‘An eco agri-health based urban area that offers unmatched serenity, economic opportunities and quality services for all.’

Underpinning this vision is the town’s ecological system and the hub of agricultural activities in the surrounding communities. The town will leverage its reputation of providing the best health care services in the country. The peace and serenity that is provided by the surrounding green undulating mountains and valley is what the town want to pride itself with.


Creating an enabling and sustainable environment for development through innovation and stakeholder engagement.”

The Mankayane Town Board recognizes stakeholder engagement as of paramount importance towards an endeavour of creating an enabling and sustainable environment. Being a local authority, under the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development (MHUD), the primary objective is to deliver in accordance with the needs of the town and the stakeholders within it, to fulfil its overall mission.

Our Values

1. Promotion of a safe and healthy environment.

2. Promotion of an investor friendly environment.

3. Preservation of natural and historical features for tourism and future generation.

Our Boundery

Mankayane Boundaries

Mankayane Town is one of the oldest colonial towns in the Kingdom of Eswatini and a sub-regional town for the Manzini Region. It’s designation as a sub-regional town stems from its location which makes it ideal to service the western hinterlands of the Kingdom. Mankayane boasts of direct access to another sub-regional town for the Shiselweni Region, Nhlangano.

The town is nestled at a valley between mountains which gives it beautiful landscape and a climate that favour the nearby forest plantations of Bhunya. It is surrounded by very active agricultural lands in the Kingdom in the likes of Ngwempisi, Magubheleni, Velezizweni and Bhunya forests. Mankayane provides an “escape” route to the neighbouring Republic of South Africa as through it one can access three border posts leading to RSA in Mahamba, Gege and Sicunusa.



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